maybe i pull the panic cord.
“Olivia has dreams and flashes of times with peter and I thought it would be sweet if for the first time, you know, in the history of the show she actually just enjoys it, you know, cause I never get to smile as Olivia, ever, and I always look for the opportunities so they’d be having a conversation and I would imagine Olivia getting a flash of something gorgeous that they had done together that would kind of make her flush or giggle a little bit as that came back so that was kind of sweet but then pretty quickly, you know, the world- the world needs the fringe team and they get back to business.” - Anna Torv (A World Without Peter)

Fringe Season Four Gag Reel (x)

“There’s nothing I despise more than people trying to be something that they’re not.”

- Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron & Michael Fassbender → W Magazine, August 2012