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Anonymous asked: what's the story behind the "but it's Dawson's Creek!" quote? Congrats on meeting them btw! That's really awesome!

Well basically we were standing outside and I was teasing Josh about the fact that we left the other set at the same time and we beat him here and we were walking and he was like “oh I got lost” and then he was signing something or other or taking a photo I think and I was like “I think there’s an ant biting me, like I’ve gotten bitten by heaps of them” and he was just like “really?” and then I just out of the corner of my eye see georgina walking up behind him and I was like OMG georgina and josh was about to sign my poster but i pulled it away and ran to georgina and was like “sorry josh but georgina’s here so it doesn’t matter” and then I was talking to georgina and I had told her about Georgina Haig Fan (my site) and then how like I didn’t know Josh before Fringe but I knew her from things like underbelly and elephant princess and she was like “Dawson’s Creek though” and I said I hadn’t grown up on that then she goes “But it’s Dawson’s Creek!” and she was so adorable. I have a photo from when she was saying it along with heaps more. :’) also thanks anon. 


Themed Party | Challenge 76: In Motion

Sarah Walker, Chuck


Happy 30th Birthday to the amazingly talented and beautiful ♥ Yvonne Strahovski ♥ 

Thank you for being such an inspiration and for all the love and kind words you have for us fans. We hope that your career continues on its successful path for many years to come and are excited to see what the future holds for you!

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Charlize Theron talking about her trip to Turkey to watch a full eclipse