maybe i pull the panic cord.

ffs, everytime i check this blog i have heaps of dipshit anon messages, so lemme set something straight here: i NEVER stopped being a fan of anna. I don’t dislike her, i’m not any less of a fan than I was a few months or years ago, she just simply doesn’t have anything going on right now so hence i haven’t had anything to post (come tuesday i’ll have the s5 dvd stuff i’m sure). the reason i’ll probably close my site/ don’t want it is because 70% of the time people are assholes and i’m not interested in servicing their needs. and i didn’t 'start obsessing over lauren and twd and forget about anna'. I have always adored lauren and although i wasn’t always watching twd, i am now and fyi just because i don’t always post things (or maybe i never do) doesn’t mean i don’t like them or am not a fan. so please find something better to do with your life than send me anon messages. take up a goddamn hobby or something.

Anonymous asked: hilarious you made a huff when those pix of anna on her vaca came out. claiming you would not post them because that was her personal life on her own personal time. but you post pix of her out with friends on her personal time which she does not want photographed and was trying to do privately. bathing suit or not, they were both still candids of her private life and personal time that were photographed and you are a hypocrite

…. oh dear anon, i wish you’d actually read what i said if you want to call me out on it. the reason i never did and wanted to post the vacation photos on my blog is because she looked noticeably displeased by the fact that her picture was being taken. like uncomfortably so. in the photos of her out with friends she was smiling and as though i’m sure it probably is never a comfortable situation to have cameras thrown in your face while you are just out trying to live your life, she didn’t let it seem to interrupt her night. so please in the future when you wish to call someone out for something get your goddamn facts straight. kbye.

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annatorvontvverysoonafterfringe reblogged your post: So Ive decided I will definitely be closing seth…

It’s pretty bad thatbecause the site is very good, the best Anna’s fan site. You got tired of Anna , now that Fringe is over?

I hope you don’t do that…really…

just to set this straight, i’ve been an anna fan for over ten years (and counting) so it has nothing to do with being tired of her or to do with fringe ending (cause tbh if that was the case i’d have closed the site during s5 cause still in denial with how much i disliked that entire season), but simply more to do with the fact that she doesn’t seem so highly interested in her own career. this could 100% just be my perception of things but I was never a huge fan of candids when it came to anna because I know she’s a private person (it’s really no secret) and i feel guilty every time i update or edit candids. that being said I made the site because i enjoyed sharing photos and news of anna’s career but as of lately i haven’t even found myself highly interested in updating the site for event crap when there is new things. that being said I will always support her future projects but i don’t believe i will be doing it through a fansite. 

So I’ve decided I will definitely be closing seth gabel fans ( sometime in the very near future and I may also be closing anna torv daily ( I’m not 100% about anna yet, but the domain expires in a few months and I won’t be renewing it.

April 15: Anna Torv seen leaving the AOC Wine Bar after having drinks and dinner with some friends in Beverly Hills. (x)

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